Thursday, August 21, 2008

Growing Up With Emma

Since I see Emma nearly every day, it's hard for me to tell if she's getting any bigger in size. However, she has lost the "baby wool" that was growing on her nose and she's looking more like an adult Wensleydale ewe. Her nose is the characteristic "blue" now (it is actually a dark gray). It's hard to believe that she's not yet 5 months old!
She seems to act like a "teenager" now...still that silly youthful exuberance! She LOVES to eat and does a funny little bouncy-run all the way to the feeder when I come in the pen with an armload of hay. That makes me laugh which probably encourages her to be even more silly. She is constantly in motion which makes it hard to get a good picture! She's quite a "talker" too, so she gets fed first to minimize all the baa-ing that goes on when she sees the barn door open up. Believe me, she has a loud voice and she makes sure that we hear it!!!
Her fleece is getting quite long and we're arranging to have her sheared this fall (don't worry, we have a little sheep coat that she can wear if she gets cold). I think her locks are at least 6" long!!! She will probably always have to be sheared twice a year.
Emma loves to be petted and scratched...there's no bribery involved anymore. She come right up to the gate for a scratch on the head or shoulders. She even lets me put my arm around her neck to get her chest scratched. Of course, this makes Lumi quite jealous so I am often seen kneeling in between the two of them, scratching both sheep at once!
Gee, do you think they are spoiled?


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Kris ~ I can't believe that Emma has grown so!!!! I would love to run my fingers thru her curly locks!!! She's very cute, you know!!

JoJo said...

If this adorable baby needs any extra spoiling, I'll be more than happy to come and play/pet/feed her. Emma is adorable! It will be interesting to see what she looks like once she's shorn!