Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome home, little Emma!

Well, it certainly has been an exciting day for both human and sheep here at Spruce Ridge Studios! This evening we picked up Emma from Neil's farm and brought her home.
Here's Neil carrying Emma out of his barn to load her in our truck. (Good grief, she's being carried? Just a little spoiled already, wouldn't you say?!?) Kind of hard to believe that this is a 3 month old lamb!
Emma and Lumi meeting for the first time:
And now, nose to nose!

Such a cute face (I think I've said this before)! And look at those curls!

A growing girl needs to eat.....yum, there's some good hay here....

And now for some grass and clover....

But this is what Emma has done the most since she's gotten here....

She is quite "vocal" and has a loud voice to match. Poor girl, it's so hard for her to be separated from her mom and and the familiar surroundings where she grew up.
(I hope my neighbors are very understanding)
We had a terrific time at the Mansfield Hook-In at the Kingwood Center on Saturday. I'll post a couple of pictures tomorrow. Time for this "sheep mama" to go to bed!

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh my ~ your 'baby' grew a lot since your last picture!!! She's very cute and cuddly looking!!
We had great fun, too, at the hook-in ~ nice to see you!