Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Game Emma Plays

We keep loose minerals available all the time for the goats and sheep to eat. It looks like sand but it contains salt and vitamins and minerals which are essential to keep them healthy. They love to eat it, especially when I bring out a fresh supply. We pour it in a plastic container which is made to hook over a board or fence. We have kept the sheep minerals under their shelter for close to 4 years with nary a screw or nail to hold it. We have simply hooked it over a board and it stayed in its place. Emma has decided to make a game of this.....

Emma has decided that it would be real fun to flip the plastic mineral container out of the shelter. It lands in about the same place every time. Each time she knocks it out, I go out to pick it up and replace it on the board. Pretty soon, she flips it out on the ground again. And then I come outside again....this has happened at least 6 times in the past 3 days....can you see a pattern here? LOL! I wouldn't mind it so much except that the minerals get dumped out and it's becoming a costly game. Looks like Ken is going to have to get out his power drill and some screws this week-end!

Years ago, someone once told me that they thought sheep were dumb and had no intelligence. I'm betting that person never owned sheep before.

Have a great week-end!


JoJo said...

Smart little girl, that Emma is! It sounds like she's already in "toddler" phase and needs something to keep her occupied.

Kris Miller said...

Hi Jojo,

Yes, I wish there was such a thing as "sheep toys", it sure would keep Emma busy!