Friday, August 31, 2018

Stone House Runner

Back in April, I purchased the Stone House Runner from The Old Tattered Flag.  I was inspired to hook it after teaching in January at the Off The Ocean Rug School in Jackson, FL. One of my students chose it for her class pattern and I helped color plan it.  I loved the way her runner was looking so I decided to use the same color plan for myself.
The Stone House Runner is a whopping 7 feet long by 2 feet wide.  I don't think I have ever hooked anything quite that big before.  I'm using #9 cuts for the background, and #8.5 for a lot of the other motifs, with an occasional #8 cut where I needed a thinner line or smaller detail.
I purchased the runner on April 14th and here is my progress on April 22nd.  I think the motif I enjoyed hooking the most was the gigantic tulip.  I didn't really have to outline the star but I like the way the outline sort of "dresses" it up a bit.
This is my progress on May 17th.  I started working on the "bridges" that run along the sides.  Lots of triangles!  I think I am an triangle expert now.
On June 26th, I was starting the other side of the "bridges."  I was going to hook the center motif in gold but after working on it for a little bit, I decided that red was a better choice...the gold just wasn't making me happy.
My progress on July 6th.  I am really a triangle expert now!  And maybe a little circle expert too.  I'm ready to move on to the other end.
Here is the way the rug looked on August 13th.  I've got one corner to go!  And of course, the large tulip.  I think I'm saving that for last because the other one was so much fun, and why not save the best for last?
 Sauder Village and Michigan Fiber Festival were soon to follow after August 13th, so I haven't done too much more hooking but I look forward to getting back to my old friend.  I think I'll have separation anxiety when it is completed.  It's been a nice companion all summer long.
Oh, and besides working on this runner, I have hooked 3 small projects and one medium sized rug in between.  Do I hook all summer?  You betcha!  Just put a fan in front of me and a cold drink and I'm good to go!


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woolwoman said...

Kris -your runner is just smashing - LOVE IT !!! hope you'll bring it back to OTO for display but I guess it would be too big and heavy to fly with. I haven't pulled a loop since May - but soon I hope. Tomorrow is September and it simply must be cooling soon - take care Mel

Jacqueline said...

Colors are beautiful. And your hooking is perfect.

Unknown said...

Oh so pretty ! Love your color choices !

Unknown said...

WOW! Your colors are just perfect. This is such a beautifuil pattern.

Saundra said...

It is beautiful Kris and think you were right to use red instead of gold for the center.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Drop dead gorgeous!