Monday, May 16, 2016

Rug Of The Day - Love Grows In My Garden

Love Grows In My Garden-Hooked by Sandy Denarski
Design by Lori Brechlin/adapted by Spruce Ridge Studios (c)2009
monks:  $52.00
linen:  $66.00
Dimensions:  33" x 26"
Note:  the original pattern has the phrase "Love Grows In My Garden"
"Grandma's Garden" was customized for Sandy but can be added to your pattern if you ask for it.

Here is a wonderful spring/summer pattern for everyone who likes to garden or has memories of a favorite garden.  Sandy worked on this pattern last August in my class at the Hunterton County Rug Artists Guild Rug Camp.  We customized her pattern to say Grandma's Garden, in memory of her own grandmother.  Sandy added a couple of rows of the beading stitch at the bottom of the apron.  It gives a little added interest and breaks up that vast area of white.  It reminds me of an embroidered trim and it really added to the look of the whole design.  I love the colors that Sandy chose; mostly neutrals with just the right pop of color.  Also, there's wonderful movement in the background at the top.  Great job, Sandy!

Just an update on my website:  
It's almost here!  I have seen the test pages and I am so excited about the new look and feel of my website.  The shopping cart is easy to use and very convenient.  There is a search option so if you are not sure where to find a pattern or product, you can type in the name in the box and search for it.  
There were a few little tweaks needed and a few price corrections, but once those are completed, it should be good to launch!
I appreciate your patience and understanding.  It has been a long wait (just a little longer than I thought) but I am hoping that you will think it is worth the wait!  Stay tuned!


elaine allerton said...

Kris,,, sweet pattern!! Nice to make it personal, ,,, thanks for posting,,, take care,,,

Unknown said...

Sandy did a wonderful job! Applause to both of you!