Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Wonderful Week!

Last week I was teaching at the Star of Texas Rug Camp in Tyler.  Wow!  I can't even begin to tell you what a fantastic week it turned out to be.  Maria Barton (Star Rug Company) and I drove took two days each way with a stop-over in Nashville to visit my sister overnight.  We did lots of talking, country music listening, and Maria even got some rug hooking done while I drove.  It was a long trip with some sore butts, but we got to see parts of the USA that we had never seen a rice field in Arkansas!
Here is a picture of my fabulous class.
A great group of gals!  They were so talented that it made my job as a teacher very easy.  Emma's Garden was being hooked by three different ladies.  As you know, this pattern is near and dear to my heart because it is inspired by my beloved Wensleydale sheep, Emma.
 The first one is being hooked by Beverly R.  She is a fairly new rug hooker but she is doing a great job!
 This is Judy C.'s version of Emma.  Judy brought some very light gray roving for Emma's body and I think it looks perfect with the light gray face and legs.
 Paula F. is hooking this Emma.  Paula was my student 2 years ago at Tyler and her hooking technique is exquisite.
 Cora M. is hooking Give Ye Thanks.  I love Cora's cabin and the soft old colors she is using in the rest of the rug.
Dianne T. wanted a customized version of Goat Hill.  We added the date that she moved into her current house and her last name on the hill.  I love the combination of red, gold, and turquoise.

 Queen Anne's Welcome is being hooked by Sherry V.  I love the combo of deep warm red and soft light yellow, which Sherry says will match the decor in one of the rooms of her house.

We also had two Herb Angels in our class!
 The first angel belongs to Dorothy D.  Dorothy also hooked little American flag pins for everyone in our class in honor of Flag Day!  How nice is that?!?
 Gwynna W. is hooking the second angel.  Gwynna's colors are so soft and lovely.  She has since finished her hooking and is getting ready to bind her rug.  Wow!  That was fast!
One more note I want to make about these two rugs:  One of my demos in class was how to hook a primitive eye.  Both of these girls have really done a fabulous job on the eyes.  I think hooking eyes are very important because once you get it right, your whole rug will have a personality.  And both these angels have a beautiful personality!
 Ginger J. is hooking Bewitched.  This rug has a lot of eyes done with different techniques.  Ginger has done a fabulous job!!!
While Ginger was waiting for me to get around to her, she was working on this little gem of a rug, designed by Maria Barton.  Need I say that Ginger is a prolific rug hooker?!?
 Jeannine is hooking this wonderful chicken (design by Mary Johnson).  I love how she hooked the feathers directionally.  She even added some strips of paisley!
 This wonderful Kris Kringle pattern (Woolley Fox/Barb Carroll) is being hooked by Joan H.  If you click on the picture, you can see the fabulous beard she hooked using Wensleydale curls.  To keep it from become too thick, she first hooked Santa's beard with a light colored textured wool and then pulled up strands of curls in between the rows of hooking.  Perfection!
 This beautiful version of Harvest Goode Things is by Linda L.  Wow!  I love the soft old blue house, the sun flowers and the lettering.  Linda really gets things done and she was working on the border when I packed up my wool on Thursday.  I'm sure she got the whole rug completed before she left camp.
 And last but not least, this beauty of a rug, Goode Witch With Alphabet, hooked by Pati W.  I love the witch's green skin...and if you click on the picture, you will see that Pati needle felted a little wart on the chin (and added a "hair" made of thread)!  A little extra touch that really makes you smile!

There was also an excellent rug show on Wednesday.  I have a few pictures of the rugs that were there and will post them soon.  I am still frantically gathering items for my tent sale...only two more days to get ready!  Yikes!


Ann said...

These rugs are beautiful - I want to hook every pattern! Glad you had a safe trip both ways. ~Ann

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Queen Anne's Welcome is going to be a favorite of mine. My hooking buddy hooked Harvest Goode Things. Love your patterns. Wonderful hookers in your class, beautiful rugs!

Miccosukee said...

Loved seeing all the versions of "Emma's Garden". Love that pattern and plan for it to be one of the very first I do when I get moved into my new place in July. After four years, I will have my wool room again and place to pursue my addiction comfortably!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

so nice to see everyone having a great time! ~ LOVE the group shot ~happy that so many like 'Our' designs Kris! love to see all of the varient colors used~