Thursday, June 28, 2012

The last of the Sale Wools...

I thought I'd better post the rest of the Tent Sale woolens right now.
Lucky you!  The rest of these wools are priced lower than the previous posts.
Again, I will fill orders based on the time received by e-mail or phone.  There are limited quantities available.
 Large black/beige/red plaid.  This is a great candidate for over dyeing.  I have done reds, oranges, and antique black over this plaid.  $8.00 per yard!
 Plum and gray plaid. Soft and old looking. Use as-is or over dye (red or purple would be nice).  $8.00 per yard! Hurry!  Only 1-1/8 yards left!
Wow!  All the wools below are an incredible $5.00 per yard.
Quantities are extremely limited so don't wait!! 

 Gold/Black/Red plaid.  I have hooked baskets with this one.  Nice border color too. Sold out!  Thank you
 Brick texture.  This is a little thin but washes up nice.  I have hooked stars and flowers with it. Sold out!  Thank you!
 Blue plaid.  Nice colors.  It is a little coarse so I would recommend a wide cut for this.  Another great border.
 Copper windowpane plaid.  I love this, you ought to feel how soft it is!  It might have some cashmere in it.  This wool is a little on the thin side too, but I have hooked stripes in a cat with this one.  Hurry!  Only 7/8 yard left!
 Purple/red/green plaid.  This is an oldie but goodie.  I've hooked flowers with it.  Another thin one, I would probably wash this wool in hot water.
Primitive pumpkin plaid.  Really more like a rust color.  Just a wonderful wool if you are looking for primitive and old-looking. SOLD OUT!  Thank you.


Saundra said...

I'd love one yard of the copper windowpane since that might change the shipping I'll wait for you to tell me that cost.

From your post it appears the sale is at the end with those wools presently posted. If that is correct you can give me the total.


Sue said...

Hi Kris, I would love a yard of the black, beige, red plaid & a yard of the plum, grey plaid.. Great for overdoes, it seems! My contact email is I have ordered with you before. Many thanks-- Sue