Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rug of the Day-April 12th

I can't promise a rug picture every day but I thought this was worthy of sharing today.  This is September Squirrel, one of my newer rug hooking patterns, adapted from Prairie Schooler Designs and hooked by Emily Leavitt.  Emily says that she made this mat for a squirrel-loving friend.  I love how she made the tail darker than the squirrel body...something I probably would not have thought of but it works beautifully and looks very natural.  I love acorns and oak leaves and Emily's colors are so perfect for creating a fall feeling.


jan said...

Glad to see the rug of the day back, even if only occasionally. ...jan

Nancee said...

Hi Kris, love your stuff. Checked out your schedule, my you are a busy girl! I'm going to send you some line drawings of my new designs as soon as I get a second. Been teaching girl scouts to punch at the Wisconsin Quilt and Fiber Museum.