Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Happenings!

Alice's blog challenge material came Monday in the mail.  It is quite a collection of various wool and yarn pieces, a strip of purple paisley, shibori ribbon and some little glass beads.  One is a dragon fly and two are tiny fishes.  This box is proving to be quite a challenge for me as nothing comes to mind just yet.  You and I will both be surprised on March 20th!
I have been working on my Midnight Clear rug and it is almost done!  I have just a few little areas left to hook so I won't show a picture until it is all finished.  If you are a fan of Lori Brechlin, you might want to take a minute to visit her blog...she is having a great give-away and the drawing is this Sunday, March 6th.
And lastly, did you know that March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month?  I had no idea either until yesterday but the timing is perfect.  I am having my routine colonoscopy tomorrow.  Yes, I am apprehensive about the prep (I'm going to start drinking that yucky liquid in about an hour) but I have decided that I'm going to do this in honor and memory of my brother-in-law who passed away from colon cancer just this past January.  My sister-in-law is certainly too young to be a widow.  I decided it was time to quit putting it off and just get it done!  I hope you make the same decision.


Julia said...

I see a marine theme with fish and dragonfly. Good for you Kris for making that decision. Wishing you a clean bill of health. JB

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hope you have a fun evening! And I hope they like what they see tomorrow ~ I'm past due and need to schedule one! Put your thinking cap on and I know something fun will come out of that 'conglomeration' that I sent you!

Suzanne said...

The prep is always worse than the test. Hope you've got your knitting handy while you 'pass' the time in the bathroom!! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kris ~
Those items look, well, uh...very challenging!
Like Suzanne said, the prep is worse than the test. I had one done a couple years ago (after putting it off for a year or two) and I was a total wreck in the days leading up to it. It wasn't nearly as bad as anticipated. Here's to them telling you to come back in 10 years!
Hugs :)

woolwoman said...

Kris - I was also inspired to have my first colonoscopy this month and it is scheduled for the 18th - I hope for us both to get a good report. Now to get my DM who is 70 this year to have her first screening. I love your Midnight Clear - I am closing in on a finish on Merrie Halloween - all that is left is the mound she is standing on ! YIPPEE - I love it but I am SO ready for it to be done - Melody

RNNJ said...

Hey, Kris.
Good luck with the prep and the colonoscopy. My prep 2 years ago was with Miralax and Gatorade. None of that yucky GoLightly crap (no pun intended) for me. Easiest procedure I've EVER had and since they didn't find anything, unless I'm symptomatic, I don't return for another until 2013. WooHoo!
Colon cancer is the most treatable, by the way. So, everybody, go get your colonoscopies! You'll save your own life. This ain't no stinkin' dress rehearsel.
Be well!