Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fourth Blog Challenge Project Revealed!

Here's the fourth and final (for now) Blog Challenge Project!  As you remember, Alice Frazier sent a "conglomeration" (those were her words!) of wool fabric, nubby wool yarn, shibori ribbon, pieces of knit sweater, piece of purple paisley, and three beads.  I was totally at a loss...nothing was speaking to me....this was a true challenge...what to do?
I did a little sketching.
I hooked a little bit of wool.
And then hooked a little bit more....
Guess what?
I think this little guy turned out pretty darn cute!
I call this piece "Dreaming."  

 "thought-cloud" with fish and dragon fly

 I hooked the nubby yarns around the edge to create a funky frame for the piece.  The chenille yarn was used for the cat's whiskers, the shibori ribbon was used for the bow around his neck.  You can see the strip of purple paisley along the upper left side of the piece.  I used the various blue strips of wool in the sky.  The glittery navy knit sweater piece was cut into smaller strips and used as the outline around the cat's head.  And of course the two fish beads and the dragon fly bead are used in the thought cloud.  Little kitty is thinking about his next catch-of-the-day and he is licking his lips!  Yum!
Even though I used #8 cuts, this piece is small and I mounted it on a piece of gator board.  I wanted the yarn edge to be the border so opted not to whip the edges or finish them with crochet like I did with the previous project.
Check out Maria, Ali, and Alice to see what they have cooked up!
It was a grand challenge indeed!  I am off to other adventures this Spring and Summer, but I'm sure at some point we will all put our heads together and figure out another challenge to keep our creative minds and hands busy!


Kim said...

He is so cute. Great uses for all alice's little bits too. This was a very entertaining challenge for me. I hope you will do another in the future.

The Barn Door said...

That is just toooo darn cute!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kris ~
Great job. I really enjoyed this finish!
Pug hugs :)

patijane's primitives said...

What a great piece you came up with from Alice's goodies. It is awesome! Can't wait for more challenges to come.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Kris, you did a fabulous job!! I LOVE it!! Very creative use of all of the items!!!

Julia said...

What a creative way to use all the objects in your rug in such a simple way. It's brilliant and cute to boot. JB

Maria said...

Precious. I love the rug! Maria

Linda said...

How Darling...Yours is the second of this challenge Ihave gals are really creative.

Julia said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kris on having your blog featured on Today's Rug Hooking Daily main page. JB