Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tomorrow is the beginning of something BIG!

Tomorrow is the first day that you can officially register for the ATHA Biennial which is being held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this October.  This is a BIG, BIG event!  There is lots of buzzing going on about the classes and the great roster of over 20 teachers.  I think there will be a huge response to the classes being offered, so if you are interested...tomorrow is THE date to mail in your registration and don't delay!  The hotels have been booking up fast (I believe 3 hotels are already close to capacity).  If you need a registration form, click on this link.
If you want to see the roster of teachers, click here.
(psst!...just a sample of some of the teachers include Barb Carroll, Jule Marie Smith, Elizabeth Black, Pris Butler, Heather Ritchie, Maria Barton...and Kris Miller!...)
 (c) 2010 Kris Miller/Spruce Ridge Studios-All rights reserved
 This is the project for my ATHA class.  It is officially called Fancy Barn Symbol but my friend Kate calls it "Eight Ways To Thrill A Hooker."  I think she's right!  There are lots of different techniques and embellishments to try out.
1. Hooking with antique paisley
2.  Beading (hooking with 2 colors)
3.  Herringbone stitch
4.  Hooking with roving
5.  Quilling
6. Bird's eyes
7.  Hit or miss
8.  Proddy
and a bonus, folks...separating and hooking a striped fabric to make it work for you.  
This will be kitted up with a linen pattern, all the woolens, and some hand-outs, all at one affordable price.  It will only be available to the people who take my class.
I don't expect you to get the whole mat done in one day!  But we will work on all the various techniques during class and then you can go home and finish it up.  Sounds like fun?  Yes, I think it does!


Linda said...

Sigh. I so wish I lived closer. What a beautiful project.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Great pattern, Kris!! You'll have a full class in no time!!

ewespin said...

That does sound like a wonderful class. I also wish I lived closer.

Anonymous said...

My registration was in the mailbox this morning! I am looking forward to it. I am also signed up to go to the event at Sauder Village.