Monday, January 17, 2011

A Tale Of Two Santas....In January

I never get tired of Santa and here's proof...I've been working on this Santa rug for a workshop in Mississippi, coming up the first week of February:
 There are several different techniques that I'll be teaching my class...hooking with roving (of course), how to hook eyes (and there are three of them here!) and sculpting.  The holly berries are all hoved, which means they are sculpted from wool strips that have been pulled up high.  They are actually 3-dimensional.  And the pom pom on Santa's hat is also sculpted, but it is sculpted from roving.  It's hard for me to say which materials I like to work with the most, but I do think perhaps the roving is a little easier to sculpt with.  I'm also going to crochet wool strips around the edge to finish it and that will be another thing that will be taught in class.
I still don't have a name for this pattern...any suggestions???
And I am itching to return to my hooking on this......
 My Midnight Clear rug!  I had to set it aside to work on the other Santa rug, but now I'm anxious to get back to it.  Everything was hooking up wonderfully and I couldn't be happier!  The background is a mix of two navy plaid wools.  I think they make a stunning midnight sky.  It is important for the letters to pop (but not too loudly) so I chose a brighter blue plaid for them.  I don't use a lot of blues when I color plan for myself but I love what I am using for this rug!
Of course, there is no rest for the weary!  I'm ALSO working on my blog challenge project which is due on January 20th.  Yikes!  I'll be burning the midnight oil for sure because I am nowhere close to being finished!  I don't even have enough done for a sneak peek yet...but I can tell you that it will have something to do with Valentine's day.  LOL!  So come back on Thursday to see what I have concocted.


Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art said...

Wish I could take your class...I so want to learn how to crochet an edge for my rugs. Also have to try needle felting roving onto rugs...never thought to do that before. Your Xmas rugs are turning out wonderfully! Cheerio, Susan

katie said...

I love both of your Santa rugs.
I love the sculptured look in rugs. I have never tried the roving. I guess maybe I need to broaden my horizons some.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Both Santa rugs are wonderful, as always!! I haven't even started my project yet! I must do that ~ TODAY!!!!!!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Love the rugs Kris! You do such a beautiful job on your rugs and the eyes are fabulous! I love the different techniques you've used on these two. May I suggest Ewe~ltide Santa for your pattern.

Orange Sink said...

Wow Kris! As always your rugs are stunning! You are going to have some eager students wanting to learn these techniques. A little sculpting can take a rug from great to fabulous! You have been busy and I wish you all the luck on the blog challenge also! The days are flying by..... winter will be GONE! Thank-you for letting us see what you have been up to!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Kris, your Santa rugs are gorgeous. I've only hooked with wool worms from a #3 cut to a #6 . Maybe someday I'll try roving and yarn. JB

RNNJ said...

How about "Cameo Santa"? Looks like one to me and cameos are sculpted and are vintage. I love him( to speak!)


Rugs and Pugs said...

Kris ~
How about Santa and Ewe?
Love both the rugs, but I'm especially partial to the one in progress. Your hooking is always so perfect!!!
Hugs :)

woolwoman said...

talked to a gal at Off the Ocean that attends your Mississippi workshop - sounds delightful - wish I could get there one year. Your Santa rug is darling - my mom started Bunny Trails at Ocean and it is coming out so cute - Can't beat Lori's designs - oh - I am closing in on a finish on Merrie Halloween. Melody