Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creative Rug Hooking Blog Challenge

In an effort to expand our rug hooking creativity,
have joined together to challenge one another to come up with fresh new ideas for rug hooking projects.  How the challenge works is simple.  Over the next few months, one of us will take the lead and will send items to the others to use in our rug hooking project.  The requirements are that the project involve some aspect of rug hooking and all items received will be used in the challenge.  The leader of the challenge can designate a theme if she wishes.
We will have deadlines for the projects and will post the deadline along with the items received for the challenge on our blogs hopefully on the 20th of the month.  On the day of the deadline, we will post on our blogs the finished project along with links to the other participants' finished projects.  Our hope in this challenge is to inspire you to think outside the box, use new materials in your rug hooking projects and to be creative.  If you would like to participate in the challenge with us, you can contact the leader of the challenge to purchase the items.  
Thanks for allowing us to share the works of our hands with you.
The date for the first completed challenge project is December 20, 2010.  Maria Barton is creator of this  blog challenge and the first project leader.  Here is what she sent to us:
 As soon as I opened my box, a little vision with an idea leapt into my head so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to do with these.  Let's hope that I can translate what I see in my head into a material project!  I can't wait to get going!!!  What would you do with these???


Kim said...

Sounds like a great challenge. I can't wait to see what you ladies come up with.

Julia said...

I think that this is a challenge for the creative hookers. Unfortunately, I don't fit that creative group JB

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but for some reason sugar plum fairies and the nutcracker came to mind...tin soldiers..