Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Bird update

Here is a Baby Bird update: they are getting more feathers and I saw that some of them have their eyes open now. You can definitely see four beaks, which makes me happy to know that all the eggs hatched. They are just so sweet!

I tried to get a picture with their little mouths open but as soon as I got too close, they hunkered down in the nest and got real quiet. I'm sure they can hear Mama and Daddy squawking away at me and that is their cue to be still during "stranger danger." This morning Daddy Bird was hovering so close that I was in great peril of being pecked on the head!


ShabbySheep said...

Hi Kris, How could I not have known you had a blog??? I love your website. I'll add you to my favs on my blog! And I'll now start reading regularly.
Love the little baby birdies. Love your whole blog!

SweetAnnee said...


I have some baby blue birds in the box..but I am to scared to open the box to look..don't want to scare them or have one fall out..SOOOO
thank you for sharing your SWEET babes..

fondly, Deena