Sunday, November 9, 2008

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (so let's get rid of the sweatshirt)

Well! As you can see, Emma decided that she didn't want to wear a sweatshirt anymore. She managed to pull both front legs out of the sleeves this morning and she was walking around with the sweatshirt hanging down from her neck (eek! strangulation hazard, for sure). With a small bribe of some hay, I was able to grab hold of the shirt and pull it over her head. Later (I'm sure she didn't realize that I was watching from the house), she ran around her pen, took a large "lamb-leap" straight up into the air, and kicked her back legs if to say "Yippee! I'm free!"
Isn't she a beautiful little character?


bittersweet said...

Kris, you know how good it feels at the end of the day to take your bra off, well don't you think that is how Emma felt when she finally got rid of that sweatshirt? Sorry but that is first thought that came in my fuzzy brain when i read your post about her today. She is a real sweetie and looks very happy. You are a good mom.

Kim said...

She's gorgeous! Both before AND after! I love little lambs! Takes me back to my 4H days in Ohio! :o)