Friday, April 2, 2021

Notforgotten Flowers update


Lots of progress on my neutral color plan for Notforgotten Flowers!

I started calling this the "Goldilocks" rug because I've hooked in certain textures/values and then ripped them out again. Several times! 
Too dark, too bright, just right!

You can see in the picture that half of the gray petal of the big tulip is outlined in taupe.  I left it that way temporarily to show you the difference between outlining vs. not outlining.  I think that the photo shows the outline just a bit too bold.  In real life, it looks more like a soft transition between the light gray and dark gray.  I really like the way the outline looks so I'm going to go ahead and hook the rest of it.

The large oak leaf was fun to color plan.  It also needed to be outlined and I think the light gray was just the right touch.  I'm not sure if I'm going to use the leaf texture again.  It is sort of a wait-and-see situation.  

Next up is hooking the flower on the right.  I need to get that completed before I finish up with the leaves.

Have a great week-end and a beautiful, blessed Easter!


NMK said...

The way you are outlining adds such a pop ! Looking so pretty !
Have a Very Happy Easter too !!!

Saundra said...

Beautiful Kris; and a free rug hooking lesson for your readers.

Maria said...

I’m a huge fan of the outline around the tulip center. It’s hard to hook neutrals and you are crushing it! Great rug