Thursday, January 28, 2021

Rug of the Day - Have Ye Any Wool

Have Ye Any Wool
Designed and hooked by Kris Miller/Spruce Ridge Studios (c) 2009

I just finished watching all 7 episodes of All Creatures Great and Small on PBS.  I don't know why the PBS app let me watch all seven shows before they have aired entirely on TV, but I couldn't help myself but binge watch all of them.  
I have never read the books but I have been to "James Herriot" country, the Yorkshire Dales, 3 times so I was anxious to see the beautiful scenery portrayed on screen.  When you are there, it is so beautiful that you feel like you could be looking at a seems almost unreal and you just can't fathom that you are actually there and seeing it for yourself.  A "pinch-me" moment at every turn of the head.  

The TV series is charming and gave me the warm fuzzies.  It has animals, of course, but deals so much more with human emotion and the feeling of belonging and togetherness.  I can't wait for Season 2!

All of this reminds me of my Have Ye Any Wool pattern.  I designed the rug for a workshop where we learned various techniques but the rug has a much more personal meaning behind it.  The sheep is inspired by my pet Wensleydale sheep, Emma.  Wensleydale sheep originate in the Yorkshire Dales and they are beautiful creatures. I was fortunate enough to visit a farm that raised Wensleydale sheep.   You might have heard me talk about Emma...she was seriously a sheep with a queen-like attitude and so full of antics!  However, it is not Emma's fleece that I have hooked into my rug but Mikko, my pet Finn sheep that crossed over the rainbow bridge at an early age and I used his roving to commemorate his short life in this rug.
The goat is inspired by my beloved goat, Zack.  I don't have any chickens but I thought a rooster should be up at the gave me the excuse to use some fabulous black and white, honey-comb textured wool.  
This design is the classic folk art of stacked animals but made extra personal because I portrayed some of my very special creatures in the pattern.
You can find the pattern here:


3 comments: said...

We’re on the third episode of ACGAS. It’s just lovely. We’ve long been fans of Herriot.

Robin Leuschen said...

Sweeeet. I set my box to record the episodes. Hubby almost deleted it. I was like NOOO ! Lol

JustGail said...

I read the books (I wonder if I still have them?) and watched the original series on PBS loooong ago. I haven't yet seen the current version. I enjoyed the books and show then so much, I'm a bit hesitant to watch the new one for fear how much they "improved" it like they do to so many old shows.