Friday, January 10, 2020

Getting Ready For The Ice Storm

We don't get a lot of ice storms in our neck of the woods so when the weatherman says it's going to be a bad one tomorrow, I sit up and take notice.  Of course they make it sound like it's going to come down in Biblical proportions and sometimes they are wrong.  But I'm going to be prepared anyway, just in case they are right.
I'm going to fill water buckets and charge batteries and get out candles.  I bought a rechargeable light for my frame last year so that's getting charged too.  If the lights go out, I'm bundling up and rug hooking!
I have had Notforgotten Farm's Give Ye Thanks pattern on my bucket list for several years so now is the time to hook it!  I can't tell you how excited I am to finally start color planning it for ME!  The linen is stretched over my light table and my sharpies are ready to draw out all the lovely details.  I couldn't help but pull a few textures that were calling to me.

The top four woolens are for the cabin...just dreaming here...a red striped roof, the cabin of rustic brown plaid (sorry-not for sale. This is all I have!) with light taupe chinking.  I have color planned Give Ye Thanks many times and it is really essential that the cabin chinking remains much lighter than the "logs."
Isn't the bottom dotted plaid fabulous???  It might be used for either part of the hills or the oak leaves in the trees.  When I first laid eyes on this texture, I immediately thought it would look good in Give Ye Thanks so I can't wait to figure out where it should go.

I know I'll have a light/taupe background but I haven't planned much more than that.  Once I get the cabin started, I think my brain will be flooded with ideas.

One of the reasons I think this pattern is so great is because I have seen it hooked in many variations and color plans and they all look wonderful.  I know I have shared some of these images before here on my blog but it's fun and inspiring to look at them again.

 Kathy Simmons
 Lori Rippey
 Sue Clark
Kathy Keithley
 Cora Maldonado
Picture taken at the Cream City Hook-in.  Maker unknown.

There is another fabulous version with a barn that just warms my heart but I can't find it in the mess of pictures on my computer.

Stay warm and safe, my friends, and hook something you love!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, dear. Here in northern Ohio we are supposed to hit a high of 60* and a low of 35* tomorrow. I hope your weather guessers are wrong!
I look forward to seeing your version of "Give Ye Thanks"!
Stay safe and warm.

NMK said...

In New England it could be 60 degrees this weekend , that just doesn't make sense for January ! Hope you don't get a lot of ice .
Each rug looks so pretty , makes my head spin if I tried to color plan that after seeing all these pretty versions ! That plaid fabric with the flecks looks awesome ! Have Fun staying cozy warm & hooking !!!

Saundra said...

Temps in Delaware today will be about the same as Ohio weather. Am sure we will get some of the snow and ice sometime during the winter but will accept this warm weather whenever it comes this way.

Great post and am sure it will inspire people to pull theirs out or order a pattern to do a hook-along with you even if you don't have any of that plaid left to sell. Happy hooking.