Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcomed Guests

I have finished hooking my Welcomed Guests rug!  This is a design that is adapted from Ann Willey's artwork and sold through Spruce Ridge Studios.  Every time I drew up this pattern, I knew that I wanted to hook it for myself.   I loved the whole process of choosing the colors and I really sped through my actual hooking.
If you remember from a previous post, I decided to let the rug tell me what colors to use.  That can be a bit risky at times because I feel like I am going to "hook myself into a corner" and not be able to figure out how to fix it.  In other words, I worried that without a pre-decided color plan, I might end up choosing colors that didn't work harmoniously in the end.  However, I think I was triumphant this time in making it work!
One thing I learned from this rug:  Even though I thought I was choosing  bright colors outside of my usual color palate, the dark background calmed everything down and made them work.  If I had chosen duller, darker colors, they would have been absorbed by the dark background and not had the same impact.
And believe it or not, the thing I struggled with the most was choosing the right textured wool to hook the hair on both people.
The greatest joy is when you are able to learn something new or different from your hooking! What did you learn from your last rug?


Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art said...

Love how your rug turned out. Cheers, Susan

Julia said...

This is a beautiful rug and I love the hair colors. I think that you did a fantastic job with choosing the colors for this rug and love that background.

Simply Wendy said...


Kellie from Indiana said...

I learned that no one is coming to tell me Im doing things wrong. That as long as Im happy with the result thats all that matters. It is freeing, allows you to just enjoy the process. In all processes there is trial and error, right?!

Darlene said...

I love Anne's work as did a wonderful job of it, even without color planning. It indeed spoke to you!