Monday, October 1, 2012

What's On My Frame?

As the days get shorter and darkness creeps earlier and earlier into the evenings, I have caught the bug to sit at my frame again!  I am working on an Ann Willey pattern, Welcomed Guests.
I have loved this pattern since it first came out.  I am doing something a little different with this pattern.  I am letting it speak to me and tell me what it wants to be.  I know, a little weird sounding, isn't it?  But originally, I thought of a light background.  The more I hooked, the more I realized that the rug really wanted a dark background. It might be that I am influenced by Ann's original work of art.  Still, a dark background just seemed like the right thing to do.  Another departure for me is the "brighter" leaves and veins.  They are not how I typically hook leaves, and yet I kept having the feeling that this is the way they wanted to be presented.
I am just about to start working on the face of the woman on the left.  I want to take my time with her and let her develop.  Once the face is hooked, she will have her own personality and things will start to get exciting!  I am not so sure if I like her hair yet, but she has given me permission to play around with it a little and we'll see what happens!  
So far, I am really having a lot of fun with my hooking!  I'll keep you updated.


Maria said...

a black background eh? It looks wonderful. Several different colors running through her hair would be waaaaaayyyy out of the box! Love it the rug so far. Maria

Saundra said...

Kris, I like what you are doing with your new piece and it is speaking well to you. Am lookin forward to seeing the progress.


Julia said...

This is promising to look nice. I love your background. The very first hooked rug I saw as a child had flowers and a black bacground and I love it then and still love it now.


Julia said...

Oops, it should spell background. I meant to go back to fix it before I pushed publish and forgot... JB