Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wool Ewe Be Mine (and a secret!)

I have finished Wool Ewe Be Mine!  I love the way it came out, especially the quillie circles in the fleece.  Sometimes the simplest color plan turns out to be the best.  There's just 6 different textured wools used in this sweet little mat but I think it makes a big impact.  A perfect example of "less is more."
I actually need to give this little guy a good steaming and then I have to decide what type of finish to use for the edges.  Whipped with yarn?  Crocheted edge?  
 Shhh, it's a secret!  Don't tell Lori Brechlin but this is one of the models I will be sending for display at her 4th Annual Gathering Of Primitive Friends show on September 15th.  You can pick up this pattern or choose from a selection of others I will be sending for her show.  Act surprised like you didn't know it was going to be there...*wink, wink*

1 comment:

Saundra said...

Your secret is safe with me!!!!!

See you next week as I might be looking to buy wool for either background and/or border and I know you have what I like. Hope you will allow me to visit your spot.