Monday, September 5, 2011

Dressed up Sheep!

For me, the highlight of the Michigan Fiber Festival is the Sheep Costume Parade. I mean, how do they get those sheep to wear those costumes anyway?  I guess you have to chalk it up to the kids.  I think kids and sheep make a good combination.  The kids are creative and the sheep are cooperative.
Unfortunately for an old gal like me, they move too darn fast and it's not always easy to take a good picture.

The Three Little Pigs...note that one has bundles of straw on its back, another has sticks.  I don't know what's up with the third one.
Circus Sheep
Mario Brothers (Mario and Luigi) personal favorite of the parade.
Wild, Wild West sheep.
Every parade needs to have a Princess sheep.
Happy Tails To You! (and note that there IS a goat or two in this picture-sheep walk with their tails down and goats walk with their tails up).
I just had to show you this guy too.  I'm told his name is Humphrey and his pen was in the livestock barn with the llamas and alpacas.  He was not in the parade but I think it would have been cool if he was.  I have never been this close to a camel before...and believe me, he was HUGE! 
I'm already counting the days until next year's festival! 


Rugs and Pugs said...

How cute! I'm sure it was much better in person.
Happy holiday to you!
Hugs :)

krayolakris said...

This post should win a prize for most entertaining!!! Love love love the parade & costumes. Thanks for sharing!

Julia said...

Thanks for showing us the costumed sheep. Very entertaining. JB

leLoops said...

Humphrey, it very nice to meet you! TY for the smiles! Lee

Char said...

This was too cute! It made me laugh! Just what I needed for a break in the middle of a crazy day!