Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Book!

I'm selling a new book here at Spruce Ridge Studios, for a limited time.  It's the newly published Fleece And Fiber Sourcebook and if you are a fiber aficionado like I am, then this is a must-have for your library!  Not only does it cover sheep and goats, but also rabbits, llamas, camels, and other fiber-bearing creatures.  All are precisely catalogued in visually stunning chapters.  What I really like about the book is that each breed is shown, along with pictures of its raw fiber, processed or clean fiber, and sometimes spun and woven fiber.  The authors even cover other useful facts such as the fleece weight and characteristics for each breed along with tips for dyeing, spinning, knitting, crocheting and weaving.  It is a hefty 438 pages but a wonderful resource guide for knitters, spinners, and weavers.  Even rug hookers will find themselves thumbing through the beautiful photographs again and again.
If you love sheep, if you love wool, if you love anything "fiber"...this book will be the ONE for you!  The price is $35.00 and worth every penny.  Please contact me if you want one, or pick up a copy when you are here for the Tent Sale, or when you see me in Charlevoix at the Castle Farms Fiber Festival!

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