Friday, October 23, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey!

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I looked out the window and saw this (click on the picture to get a closer look):
We have seen this flock of turkeys lurking around our yard over the past week or so, but they have never gotten this close to the house. I was thinking of getting some cracked corn to feed them but Ken doesn't want to encourage them. Note the light colored one in the upper right hand corner...we don't know much about turkeys, does anyone know what's up with the color variance?

Our weather has been chilly and damp, just like November should be. Must be Turkey Time! Or maybe we're just going "cold turkey" here in Michigan. *tee hee*

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woolwoman said...

Thanks for showing the plaids and how they actually hook up - I don't work much with textures since I usually hook with smaller cuts. Love the Olive for the roof. A friend of mine is starting this rug at a Halloween workshop we are having this weekend. I'm starting my Peace and Plenty, the canvas you put the wording on for me. Melody