Saturday, March 7, 2009

Need wool for flesh colors?

I used to struggle with finding the right "flesh" color for faces and arms, legs, etc, for my rugs. I didn't want anything too pink, nor did I want anything that turned out too peachy/orange. What a dilemma! One day I got out my dye pots and started throwing together a little of this dye color and a little of that dye color until I came up with a great formula. I dye this flesh formula over a textured wool that is very light and has a slight gray line running through it. Trust me, when you hook this up, you never see the gray's like magic!(Not the greatest photo but hopefully, you'll get the "picture"...ha! pardon the pun!)

I used this flesh wool in my Herb Angel rug. I think it could look a little "pinky" in the photo.
For another great example, go to Marlene Dusbiber's blog and see how she used it in her latest stair runner (hey, the color turned out pretty good in her photo!). Back in December, she told me that she was struggling with completing her stair runner because she couldn't find a satisfying color for the hand. I suggested my over-dyed flesh wool....and voila! her project looks wonderful!
One fat-quarter piece (26 1/2" x 14") of over-dyed "flesh" wool is $12.00. Give me a holler if you would like to purchase some.

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