Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks Alice!

Thanks to Alice Frazier for giving me this lovely blog award earlier this week. I am so honored to receive it! Now I am supposed to pass the "torch" along with these rules:
1.The winner may put this logo on her blog!
2.Post a link to the person who gave you the award!
3.Nominate 5 of your favorite blogs and post their links!
4.Leave a message for them on their blog!
I'm not real savvy when it comes to all this blogging stuff and I don't always have enough time for visiting other blogs. My list of favorite blogs are not that long but here are some that I would like to nominate:
Maria Barton's Blog (come on, Maria, post something for us to read! We love your work!)
Scary's West (this gal doesn't even know me but she was a "Blog of Interest" a while back and I've enjoyed her stories and photos ever since I found her--you'll like her blog too)
The Smiling Goat (OK, this gal doesn't know me either but I found her blog as I was lurking around the other day....I love the name of her blog ~tee hee~ and her primitive dolls are just adorable)
Sorry, I can only think of these four right now but I hope you enjoy them!

1 comment:

Lori said...

Many thanks for the award Kris!!!
Thanks so much for thinking of me~

Love your pics of your fleece-babies!!