Friday, January 25, 2008

Nash Trash!

I flew down to Nashville on January 3rd to visit my sister Amanda for one week. One of the most hilarious parts of my visit was taking the Nash Trash Tour! You climb aboard a big pink school bus and for the next 90 minutes, you are entertained by Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay....The Jugg Sisters! They guided us through the streets of downtown Nashville (Bubba was our bus driver), pointed out famous landmarks, and dished the dirt on Country stars! I never laughed so much! If you are ever in Nashville, make sure you book a seat on the pink bus! Their website is

Here's Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay

(left to right) My sister Amanda, Sheri Lynn, Brenda Kay and me in front of the big ol' pink bus!
On a more serious note, we also drove up to Cadiz, Kentucky to visit with my dad for a few days. One of our favorite things to do is go for a hike in the woods. There is a river bed at the bottom of the hill and when it is dry, you can find the most fascinating fossils and geodes (little tan, globular, round rocks with crystals inside). I love their color and texture. It was a lucky day for me....I collected enough geodes to fill a small jar!
My dad and I hiking down the hill to the river bed.

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